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Juliette Kim

Juliette Kim

Meet designer and creative director from Seoul, Juliette Kim.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Juliette. I am a creative director at a graphic design studio, ‘Studio Juli-ette’, in Seoul, South Korea. I was originally born here in Seoul, but I have lived in various different places like Indonesia, Australia and most recently, the United States. I love to travel and discover new things because I get inspired by them. I also enjoy singing for fun and learning new languages.


Describe the city you’re living in and what it’s like to live there.
Seoul is fast changing; people here are sensitive to changes and trends. There is something new every day and that part of Seoul inspires me. I’ve been living in Seoul for the past two years and I love it but I constantly feel like a tourist even though I spent most of my childhood here. I like it though because this way I can really enjoy the city and feel as if I am on a vacation every day.

There is something new every day and that part of Seoul inspires me.

What is the best and worst thing about living in your city?
It’s really convenient to live in Seoul. I think it’s safe to say it’s even the most convenient in the world.
But, sometimes it can be a little too busy and crowded. I also sometimes feel like the creative industry here is closed-off. I wish there are more opportunities to collaborate or connect to other local designers here.


Give us 3 words that describe what it’s like to be a creative in your city.

fun, inspiring, dynamic


How did you start your career in design?
I have majored in Graphic Design at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).
I started freelancing in my sophomore year at RISD, and I continued to freelance during school years. At that time I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to have a career in design, because I was more interested in painting and working as an illustrator. When I graduated, I knew I love doing design and wanted to continue working as a freelance designer, so I started my own graphic design studio.


Were the people around you supportive of your decision on working as a creative?

Yes, despite the fact that I am the only person in my family working in the creative field, everyone has been really supportive and I am really grateful for that.


What are some goals and ambitions you have for your future work?

I hope I can continue to create things I love and inspire people through my work. I also would like to collaborate as much as possible!


If you could collaborate with any person in the world who would it be?

I don’t have anyone specific yet, but I would love to collaborate with anyone in the music industry. I love music but I don’t have a talent for it, so I really admire people who are good at music! I think music combined with good design/art is just so powerful.


I think music combined with good design/art is just so powerful.

Were there any local female creatives that you looked up to when you were growing up?

When I was a student at RISD, it was really inspiring to see many leading female creative directors in the States.


Are there any challenging aspects of being a female in your industry?
Partially yes. Especially because I am young too, sometimes I can feel that I am not taken as seriously as I could be. But it’s something I’ve been working with and it has not given me any major difficulty so far.


Do you have any advice to young women who are aspiring to work in your field?
I am also still discovering and learning as I go, but I think we can all be more ambitious and collaborate more.
Photos courtesy of Juliette Kim.