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Margaret Cheung

Margaret Cheung

Meet multi-media designer from Hong Kong, Margaret Cheung.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi there! I’m Margaret, I studied communication design in Hong Kong Design Institute and graduated at Birmingham City University with a major study in branding. Now I am a multi-media designer mainly focusing on branding projects and typography design.


Describe the city you’re living in and what it’s like to live there.

Hong Kong is a fast-paced city full of energy and challenges. Many possibilities can happen here. People believe in their own values and they stay positive to achieve their goals.


Hong Kong is a fast-paced city full of energy and challenges. Many possibilities can happen here.

What is the best and worst thing about living in your city?

Here we explore, create and always keep improving ourselves. Sometimes there are stresses from being such an aggressive city, but in a different angle, this is also a way to maintain the competitiveness of the citizens.


Give us 3 words that describe what it’s like to be a creative in your city.

Stay calm, be passionate, and persevere.


How did you start your career in art?

Illustration has been my interest from the very beginning. It built up my visual sense and aesthetic. As I explored more, I found that graphic communication includes many executions, while illustration is just a part of the media. It inspired me to discover more and get into graphic communication and branding. Graphic communication and branding focus more on concepts and idea visualizations. This aroused my interest to enter the design industry.


Were the people around you supportive of your decision on working as a creative?

Being a designer in Hong Kong is never an easy thing. We understand that Hong Kong is one of the international trading and business centers and people mainly consider Hong Kong for this but not so much for design. Design is very important since people always need it when establishing their business. This encouraged me to work closely with partners from different industries and we helped each other expand their business through designing unique brand images. Getting the right balance between creative design and commercial business is also a good skill to help sustain a creative career in Hong Kong.


What are some goals and ambitions you have for your future work?

Branding is the most joyful thing for me. After creating brands in hospitality, F&B, retail and investment industries, my ambition is to build my own designer brand in the coming years. This brand will include some of my vision and mission to this society, and also my aesthetic to share with the audience.


Branding is the most joyful thing for me.


If you could collaborate with any person in the world who would it be?

It is my honor to collaborate with people with talents and every chance is learning and improvement. It will be a treasure to gain any experience in it. I do appreciate Liu Wen, the Asian supermodel. She builds a successful career path through her braveness and perseverance. It will be my pleasure to collaborate with her.


How would you describe the women around you?

Women around me are generous and glamorous. They are gentle, polite, full of passion with what they aim to achieve, open-minded to accept ideas and suggestions, they persevere when criticized and humble when they succeed.


Are there any challenging aspects of being a female in your industry?

The most challenging part that I recognize is about physical health. I have to appreciate the contributions and efforts of the male creators who participated in projects and worked for excessive amounts of time. Physical energy of females is different than males, but we are able to manage with the help of physical training and strategizing how to use our time.


Do you have any advice to young women who are aspiring to work in your field?

There is always hesitation during creation. Believe in your intuition. Never limit yourself to try any possibilities and gain experiences to ensure your path. Cheers ladies!



Photos courtesy of Margaret Cheung.